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Spamcop Blacklistings - a viable solution needs to be found.

I have been with rackspace mail since April 2009, back then it was called "Mail Trust", so as you can see, I am a long term customer.

The last 90 days I have seen a good handful of my 850+ rackspace mail customers complain of spamcop blacklistings and I have had to spend serious time explaining the embarrassing situation. Every time I have raised the issue with Rackspace support team I am being told the usual spiel about it being a shared system and they are doing what they can and to tell the clients to wait until the blacklisting has passed.

I appreciate its a bugbear for rackspace mail team, but my clients are innocent victims of other people using rackspace mail to send out spam.

The situation has gotten so bad that I MYSELF have had to start using for my normal outgoing business mail as a workaround due to my own emails being bounced due to spamcop blacklisting caused by another customer on the rackspace system.

Getting to my point though, Mailgun has allowed me to order my own unique IP for sending my outgoing emails, the theory being that I would not become a victim of blacklisting through others abusing the network as I am the only one that has access to my unique IP for sending mail.

I think rackspace mail should either offer a similar kind of service for its resellers so that my client's smtp traffic goes through a unique IP which I am responsible for or allow me to buy a pool of unique ip's which I can then add clients domains to and or switch between when the IP is blacklisted.

Obviously this system would need to be administered in such a way that it does not invite real spammers to the system who will openly abuse it, but that is something that rackspace boffins would need to look into to.

The bottom line is that, my client's businesses are being interrupted which in effect rolls down to me as I am the first contact, so I end up having to explain to my customers who have zero technical knowledge about why their legit emails are suddenly not being delivered. Not only does this take time and effort which comes off the bottom line, my reputation is also tarnished of which the cost is unrecoverable.

So please rackspace, you are worth hundred of millions of dollars and have many boffins working for you, surely a workable solution can be found.

I have received a great service the last 8 years but the last 3-6 months I have seen a noticeable decline in quality of service.

Kindest Regards
Craig Edmonds

  • It is now 2nd of May 2018 and over 3 months since I posted this thread and my clients are still being blocked by spam cop. Rackspace has not really reached out at all despite them telling me to post the issue here and anytime I do raise a ticket saying clients are being blacklisted, I receive "apologies" which do not seem to be helping the situation at all.

    I have even asked the recipient mail server to whitelist my client but they say they cant do it so my client cannot send important legit business emails to his main supplier due to rackspace continually getting their ip's blacklisted.
    Complaint from Client and Spamcop Result

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