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[FEATURE REQUEST] Buying/using extra space for mailbox

We have several Rackspace e-mail boxes. Most of them we use almost nothing in space. However there are 2 boxes with very heavy use. It would be nice if we can use the total space more fluently (that we can assign more space to one box and less to another. Or be able to buy a extension to our e-mail box that needs it.

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  • Hi, I'm a Product Manager for Rackspace Email. It is my job to prioritize product enhancements on our roadmap. I value your feedback, and understand your concern with not being able to add storage above 25GB for Rackspace Email mailboxes. We have heard this feedback before, and continue to evaluate it against other priority items on our roadmap.

    There are two primary reasons that we are moving slowly on this particular request. The first is that we have to balance impact-fulness of a change with pervasiveness of the problem. The second is that we thoroughly test the users experience for new features before committing resources.

    1) Impact-fulness vs Pervasiveness
    Increasing storage size would be impactful, because it would free those who are near their storage limit from having to constantly manage their mailbox size. On the other hand, the vast majority of our users have a lot of headspace before they will hit 25GB of storage. So, this change would benefit a small minority of customers.

    2) User Experience
    In our testing, Outlook performs poorly with mailboxes that contain more than 25GB of data.

    I'm confident we will eventually offer more storage, but I can't be specific about how soon that will happen. From a bird's eye view, our 2018 roadmap is all about enhancing security. So, most of our big product changes to be released in 2018 are about providing our customers and users with options to further secure their email services with Rackspace. Looking ahead, we have some exciting things tentatively planned to begin development in 2019 that I hope will address any storage size concerns.

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