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Saving login information

Just trying out rackspace email for my people. I am deeply concerned regarding the webmail login page. I run a retail store where each person who needs email does not sit at a desk or have a dedicated computer. They use a single computer where all salesfloor related tasks are performed. This includes checking email.

The way your service is set up there is absolutely no security. Let me explain. First off all of my assistant mangers share a single backoffice PC utilizing Windows 7 Pro. The machine has a single instance of Windows and a single user. They can perform all store related tasks. They also can access their email from it. I just set up a desktop shortcut to the rackspace login page. To my shock (and HORROR) I discovered that the "remember this info" checkbox not only remembers their username but also their password! The bottom line, if they check that box, anyone can access their email. Without any kind of security I don't think I can use your service. 

  • Hello there,

    Thank you for your concern. The "Remember my info" is there for users to use in their private computers for convenience. This is not meant to be checked on a public computer where many people have access. I would instruct your employees not to tick that box, as it's a shared computer.

    However, if you'd like to remove that box from the login page, you can contact your support team to inquire about a Private Label webmail login. 

    If you have any other questions, your support team is available 24/7!