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Multi-lingual character support for IMAP folders

I think it's an absolute necessity to be able to have utf8 encoded folder names on an IMAP system in the 21st century. Currently, folders have problem with the following:

  • Non-English characters
  • Folders that start with a number
  • Folders that contain special characters like "-" or "."

Looking at gmail for example, this is not a problem. For an email system to be used globally in any business, this is a must. As it stands it's caused us no end of problems with our Taiwan office.

  • Hello all, i have been having the same issue with Greek characters for many years. I have also created a support ticket "[Support #2434799] Folders Displaying Questions Marks in Webmail" as i administer a few hundreds of mailboxes for clients located in Greece. Is there any scheduled support for UTF8? I tried hosting a plain horde page to access RS mailboxes and the folder names displayed fine (in Greek). But i suppose since we use RS for our mailboxes there is no point in hosting a second web server to address such a small problem.

    Thank you

    Pavlos Alekizoglou