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Improvements for "Explore high availability of GlusterFS through CTDB" How-to

  • Some of the information at is out-of-date:

    • Point (6) in the "Install CTDB" section is out-of-date.  Setting the "private dir" option has not been required for a long time.
    • In "References" the link to is stale.  We're in the process of moving documentation to the wiki, which means that out-of-date documentation like this page has gone.  Better off linking to
  • Thanks for the heads up! 

    I've created an issue in the GitHub repository we use for our documentation. Pull requests from the public are welcome, so if you're comfortable making the changes, you're welcome to.


    Alan Bush
    Technical Community Manager, Rackspace

  • Hi mschwenke, I'm preparing to update the GlusterFS article, and before I do, I wanted to clarify what to do with the private dir step. Do you recommend just deleting the step entirely, or should I mark it as (Optional).

    Thanks for catching the outdated information!

    Stephanie Fillmon
    Information Developer, Rackspace