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Unable to get token, but getting strange headers back from authentication request

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Rookie here.  So far I've been unable to get a X-Auth-Token back from an authentication request -- I am getting a status code of 200 -- but I am getting some data in the response.  It looks strange (to me) though.  I am using Objective-C btw.  Am pretty sure the api-key and username are correct.  After the response when I log the headers they look like this:

headers: {

    Connection = "keep-alive";

    "Content-Length" = 642;

    "Content-Type" = "application/json";

    Date = "Fri, 03 Nov 2017 23:20:53 GMT";

    Server = nginx;

    Vary = "Accept, Accept-Encoding, X-Auth-Token";


    "X-Node-ID" = "ord-02";

    "X-Trans-Id" = eyJyZXF1ZXN0SWQiOiJlZjQwMTMyNC02Mjg4LTRkZTgtYjRlYy05OWRlMGJmY2E3NmEiLCJvcmlnaW4iOm51bGx9;


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