I'm implementing a client which needs to paginate files it fetches from cloudfiles.

Is there a possibility to provide offset to the file list fetch? The documentation says:

"A GET request against the container account URL returns a list of up to 10,000 objects. You can limit and control this list of results by using the marker, end_marker, and limit parameters."

It seems to me that to get the marker and end_marker I would first need to get all the files in a path/container and find the names of the files bordering the area I need. An example. Lets say I show two files at a time and I need to show the second page. Thus the limit would be 2 and offset 2. If I knew the names of the files I could of course say "limit 2, marker grannysmith", but since I don't, it's a bit difficult


This might be a duplicate - I can't find my earlier question... My apologies if this is the case!


Lauri Pajunen