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Fetching server tags via rackspacesdk or pyrax

This question is not answered.

In the Rackspace Cloud Admin you can tag your instances with arbitrary tags. Is this data available via pyrax or rackspacesdk? I haven't had much luck finding it.

Alternatively is there another way of fetching this data?

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  • Hi adrianfalleiro,

    I think this question may have been addressed in an earlier thread. Let us know if that doesn't answer your question.

  • Unfortunately that did not work. The only metadata present is the following key 'rax_service_level_automation'.

    I've added tags via the Rackspace Cloud admin. See screenshot below (IP address removed). Is there a way to get this data?

  • Ok so after a bit of digging it looks like this data is fetched in the Rackspace Cloud Admin from (requires auth cookie) and it doesn't look this this data is available anywhere else in the API.

    Can anyone else confirm that data is not available via the API? Have I missed something?