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Server price

This question is not answered.


Is it possible to get price of given server flavor (the expected monthly usage price, as displayed when creating tthe server in cloud center) through the API?

If it is, how?

If it's not, could that be added?

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  • Hi Honza,

    I'm not sure if we can transmit that information through the API. I'll ask one of our Product Managers to see if he knows a way to do that. 

    We do have an online calculator that can help with estimating the cost before you spin-up:

    It's not through the API, but at least it's something until I get the confirmation from product.

  • Hi Honza,

    I just heard back from our Product Manager. There is nothing in the OpenStack API that maps back to our pricing model and, at this time, there are no plans on adding it.

  • Hello Stuart,

    I don't think the online calculator would be possible to use from application. Also, it's giving different prices than we have, possibly related to some legacy service level.

    Pity. Looks like I would need to make a list manually and upgrade it every time the prices changes.