I'm trying to retrieve usage for a VM using PHP.

I note in the Github README.md documentation for rackspace/php-opencloud one is referred to php-opencloud/openstack. So:

1. https://github.com/rackspace/php-opencloud
-> refers to:
2. https://github.com/php-opencloud/openstack

The example I want to get working is against a generic implementation of OpenStack.

Much of the documentation on php-opencloud/openstack seems to be incomplete or cannot be found.

I'm basically trying to get two things going:

1. Log into my OpenStack instance.

2. Retrieve Usage (VPUs, Disk and RAM)

At this early stage I am unable to log in and I believe I might be fundamentally wrong.

To describe my scenario better I have attached two screen shots, the first screenshot is my UI login page, and the second is my dashboard Project page.

In my Dashboard Overview I have one instance which also displays amount of VCPUs and Disk and RAM.

1. Logging in present the following problems:

A. I only have a domain, username, and password.

B. Most examples, e.g. the example below, wants region, and not domain:


C. Can I access data wtihout a token? Or is a token always required. Most example doesn't seem to include first obtaining a token first.

2. I guess once I have managed to successfully log in I will be able to retrieve the instance usage parameters.

Any links to examples for this?