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General Discussion Forum Not sure where to put it? Put it here. 672 2271
Security & Vulnerabilities Location for security and vulnerability incidents 32 124

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Applications Forum Sharepoint @Rackspace, Wordpress, Marketplace, Magento 145 184
Cloud Sites Forum Web server, Database, LAMP, Infrastructure, PHP 245 520
Data Services MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Cloud Big Data, Managed Big Data 24 27
Dedicated & Hybrid Hosting Forum Managed Hosting, Managed Servers, Managed Storage, Managed Colocation, Managed Big Data, RackConnect, Monitoring, Enterprise Cloud, DevOps 74 87
Email Products Forum Rackspace Email, Email & Apps, Hosted Exchange, Hosted Sharepoint, Mailgun 427 896
Getting Started Getting started with Rackspace. 61 49
Managed Virtualization VMware, vCloud, vCenter, vSphere, ESXi, VM replication, disaster recovery 22 39
MyRackspace MyRackspace Control Panel 1,279 1984
Private Cloud Forum OpenStack, Keystone, Glance, Nova, Cinder, Swift, Neutron, Horizon, Heat 691 3551
Public Cloud Forum Cloud Identity, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Databases, Cloud Backup, Cloud Drive, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Networks, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud Files, Cloud Servers, Cloud Big Data 967 1740

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API/SDK Developer Forum NextGen, Files, Databases, Load Balancers, Block Storage, DNS, Backup, Monitoring, Networks, Identity, Queues, Autoscale, Big Data, Cloud Images, Orchestration, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, node.js, REST, Cloud Feeds 394 1473


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Cloud Office, Email, and Collaboration For feedback on our Cloud Office solutions. (Rackspace Email, Hosted Exchange, Office365, GoogleApps for Work) 0 0
Community For feedback on our Rackspace Community Platform. 0 0
Control Panels For feedback on our Rackspace control panels. Make sure to include the URL to the control panel in your feedback. 0 0
Documentation For feedback on our How-to articles and API/Getting Started guides. 0 0
Fanatical AWS/Azure For feedback on our Fanatical AWS ( and Fanatical Support for Azure ( services and offerings. 0 0
Private Cloud For feedback on our Private Cloud services and offerings. (VMWare vCenter, Openstack, Microsoft) 0 0
Public Cloud For feedback on our Public Cloud services and offerings. 0 0

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